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Vibrational Therapy


By using sound and vibrational therapy we can tune the body. We know, and science has proven, that everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Each cell tissue and organ in the human body vibrates to it’s own frequency. When the energy gets blocked thru emotions, stress, and/or disease energy blocks are created. When this happens, the body becomes out of “tune” and therefore sick. A tuning treatment is noninvasive with no pain involved. As the sound flows thru the body, the cells will pulsate with their correct frequency thru the process of entrainment allowing them to heal.

What you can expect from a vibrational healing session:

1. Increased physical energy

2.Release endorphins

3. Deep state of relaxation

4. Synchronicity in mind-heart-body rhythm

5. Clearing of Chakras

6. Expanded creativity & concentration

7. Harmony in emotions

8. Integration of left and right brain thought pattern

9. Induces the alpha-theta brain state which is associated with healing
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The cost of this treatment is $75.00

You can also do this treatment along with a regular acupuncture treatment for an additional $25.00 (plus the cost of regular acupuncture treatment). This allows for a more intense treatment.

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