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For those of you who want to regain your health, but are so busy you can’t seem to get into the doctor’s office, ONLINE  and over the PHONE CONSULTS for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Herbal Medicines are being offered as a means to allow you to obtain a happy, healthy and pain free life; naturally.


The use of specific herbs and plants for medicinal purposes has been practiced throughout the world for thousands of years with great success.  Each herb or plant contains healing powers that are capable of balancing the emotional, mental, and physical well being of the human body.  This results in the elimination of aches and pains (anywhere in the body), emotional issues, female problems, male sexual problems, digestive problems, cardiovascular problems, respiratory problems, hormonal imbalances, dizziness, incontinence, migraines/headaches, lack of energy, sleep disorders, detoxification, etc. (If you do not see something here, please ask us!)
The success of TCM Herbal Medicines


You contact us by phone, 7725898931, or email

Please provide the following information to start your journey to your personalized TCM herbal plan:





Telephone number/Email Address

Best time of day to contact you by phone (if inquiring for phone consult)

Primary Health Concerns & Goals

Additional Issues

Current Medications


From here our Chinese Medicine Doctor will assess your concerns, problems and disharmonies (physical and emotional) and formulate a specific TCM herbal plan for your needs; with a goal of allowing you to achieve a level of total body well being; physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Therefore resulting in alleviation and/or complete relief from  your issues, and allowing you to be more in tune with your body.

If unable to pick the herbal formulas we will mail them to you.

Two weeks after your initial consult you will have a follow up with the doctor, by email or phone, to track your progress and/or concerns.

You may contact us at anytime for questions throughout this process.

The cost for initial phone/email consult with one follow up appointment is $80.  Prices of herbs vary ($60-$80 per formula for month supply)

To make an appointment for a phone consult, or for more detailed information please contact our office by phone 7725898931, or by email
Take out health quiz below to see if you are in the health zone.

Physics vs. Chemistry


The core difference between eastern and western medicine is the science that each medicine follows.

When looking at the body thru physics the doctor is concerned with the temperature, speed, and pressure of the patient’s metabolism.  The symptoms are less important then the root cause of the problem.  By addressing the underlying cause of the symptoms, the real problem is addressed yielding a healthier body.

Your answers to the following questions will let you know if you are in the health zone:

1.Do you sleep thru the night?

2.Do you have a bowel movement daily? Preferably within the first hour of being awake.

3.Are your feet warm? Do you kick them out at night?

4.Is your forehead a cooler temperature than your feet?

5.Is your thirst normal? too little or excessive?

6.Do you get hungry or do you eat because it is time?

7.Is your energy good or are you running on adrenaline?

8.Do you have physical pains?

9.Do you have emotional pain?

The health response for 1-7 should be yes, 8 & 9 no.  If you scored 100 congrats! If not, now is the time to resolve the issue before it turns into a larger problem!

If you send these as part of your email consult.. please be as detailed as possible. For example.. Question 1, if you do not sleep thru the night what time do you tend to wake up (consistent time, or in a window from such time to such time), how long are you up for… do you fall back asleep easily?

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