Spleen Season begins OCTOBER 20

As  Lung season comes to an end, Spleen season will begin October 21st and will last a few weeks before we enter Kidney Season.  The Spleen in Chinese Medicine is one of the most important organs.  It is responsible for many things we are not aware of.  It’s emotion is excessive thinking/worry.. an enemy to most of us.   

Signs of a Spleen imbalance either emotionally and/or physically can include:

Bloating, Scallops on the sides of tongue, heavy periods, problems with the lips, dizziness upon standing, excessive thinking, muscle pain, pain in the spleen area, swollen ankles.

We offer safe and natural herbal medicines for any and all of theses symptoms.  We also offer herbal medicines to help support, nourish and repair the spleen system.

Energetically the Spleen controls: