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Dr. Maria Hart

Our Chinese Medicine Doctor, Maria Hart, interned under a Traditional Chinese Medicine Taiwanese master for five years. She graduated from the Han Tang School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2001, and has been practicing this amazing medicine for the last 16 years and counting. Dr. Hart attended undergrad school at the University of South Florida in Tampa for 4 years, majoring in English Education with a minor in Speech. When she is not helping patients at the clinic you can find her next door at the HALO animal rescue helping animals.

The clinic was opened in 2001 and since been able to introduce traditional chinese medicine, a natural healing modality, to as many patients as possible. We both heal and teach the patient to understand that in order for the body to be healthy, the core imbalance needs to be addressed and not just mask the symptoms.

Our patients learn what to expect from the body during different seasons of the year. They also learn how to become in tune with both their physical and emotional components.

The patients are empowered by understanding their core imbalance and by receiving the appropriate treatment to correct the problems. It is our belief that the patient is composed of both the body and the emotions; consequently, it is our passion to heal both!

Alternative Medicine Clinic

Maria Hart, DOM

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