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Acupuncture works by redirecting vital energy or Qi (chi) in the body. When someone experiences pain or illness, it is an indication of a blockage of the flow of Qi (energy) in the form of an excess accumulation or deficiency within the body. When energy and blood has nowhere to go, it begins to stagnate, much like the muck that grows in still pond water. There’s no movement and no flow, which leads to unhealthy buildups, soreness and other physical and emotional symptoms. Acupuncture is like opening up the dam and letting fresh water rush in.
Treatment of Acupuncture points are performed along the 12 main and 8 additional meridians located throughout the body. Ten main meridians pertain to specific organs such as the Heart, Liver, and Spleen. The other two main meridians pertain to body functions as understood in Chinese Medicine. The eight additional meridians provide additional access to the more emotional and psychological functional of the body. Your treatment points are determined by a series of questions and physical diagnostic methods. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, observations made from the tongue and the pulses on the left and right wrist indicate the signs of health or illness in the patient. Using these indications and the additional symptoms described by the patient, a treatment of specific acupoints is devised. Then hair thin needles are inserted superficially into each acupoint, stimulating the flow of Qi energy, and re-harmonizing the patient back to their natural balanced healthy state. In order to properly develop this stimulation, the needles are usually required to remain in the body for 30 minutes while the patient rests comfortably. After the needles are removed, several types of additional modalities may accompany the treatment based on individual needs.

The price for each treatment of acupuncture is $100, your initial consultation with acupuncture is $125.

Ear Acupuncture/Auricular Therapy
Ear Acupuncture is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture points found in the ear help to regulate the body’s internal organs, structures, and functions. It can be used to treat addiction, mood disorders, obesity, pain, and many other conditions. Ear points may be stimulated for a longer period of time thru the use of Ear Seeds. Ear Seeds are small seeds from the Vaccaria plant. They are held in place by small pieces of adhesive tape, and can be left on anywhere from a few days to two weeks. If you have a pace maker and are interested in hollistic medicine, ear seeds are a great option.

The cost of this treatment is 50.00

Herbal Medicine
Herbal Medicine is traditionally one of the more important aspects utilized in traditional Chinese medicine. Oriental herbology often incorporates ingredients from all parts of the plant (leaf, stem, flower, root) which are processed into a decoction of healing herbs. After a diagnosis is made, the practitioner designs a remedy using several main ingredients that target the illness and then additional ingredients to adjust the formula to fit each patients specific needs. The herbs may be simmered in water over several hours until the strained liquid is reduced to a concentrated herbal tea, or prescribed in a pill form depending on patient’s needs. The interaction and balance of all the ingredients combined is the key to the herbs medicinal and healing properties and dependent upon the craft of the acupuncturist. Combined with acupuncture treatment, these remedies are powerful and extremely effective.

Prices vary.

Ear Candles
Ear candling provides a relaxing and warming treatment for the ear, sinus, and lymphatic circulation system. It is a non-invasive technique and generally more effective than the syringe system favored by allopathic medicine. The person will lie sideways on a massage table in a relaxing environment. We will gently position the lit candle in the ear canal. The person will usually hear a slight crackling sound and/or a pleasant “ocean type” sound, and usually only takes a few minutes. As the candles burn they create an up draught and this gently helps to draw out buildup secretions and blockages. The warmth and herbs from the candles stimulate lymphatic circulation and aid the immune system in the ear and this can greatly reduce pain, headaches and nausea stemming from imbalances. It is effective in the treatment of blockages from too much ear wax, blockages due to colds and ear infections, blockages as a result of swimming, diving, surfing, and air travel, sinus problems, headaches and migraines due to auricular pressure, slow lymphatic circulation, and infections and blockage in the Eustachian tube. This procedure is also safe for children.

This treatment cost 25.00

MicroCurrent Treatments
Same idea as Acupuncture, A nonsurgical procedure that uses gentle electric stimulation to increase blood flow and stimulate acupoints throughout the body to promote healing.

Vibrational Therapy
By using sound and vibrational therapy we can tune the body. We know, and science has proven, that everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Each cell tissue and organ in the human body vibrates to it’s own frequency.
When the energy gets blocked thru emotions, stress and/or disease energy blocks are created. When this happens the body becomes out of “tune” and therefore sick. A tuning treatment is noninvasive with no pain involved. As the sound flows thru the body, the cells will pulsate with their correct frequency thru the process of entrainment allowing them to heal.

What you can expect from a vibrational healing session:

Increased physical energy, release of endorphins, deep state or relaxation, synchronicity in mind-heart-body rhythm, clearing of chakras, expanded creativity and concentration, harmony in emotions, integration of left and right brain thought patterns, & induce the alpha-theta brain state which is associated with healing.

Cupping is a method of treating disease that is caused by a local congestion. A partial vacuum is created in a cupping jar, applied directly to the skin, by pumping the air out of the cup. The underlying tissue is drawn up into the jar drawing the congestion, or toxins, to the surface. Depending on the level of congestion/toxicity the area can appear to be bruised or very red. The amount of redness or purplish blood drawn to the surface indicates the level of congestion. The bruises are not dangerous and usually only last a few days. Cupping is generally used to treat arthritic pain, abdominal pain, stomach aches, indigestion, headaches, hypertension, common cold, cough, low back pain, and painful menstruation.
The cost of this treatment is 75.00
Gua Sha
Gua Sha is an ancient therapy practiced in traditional chinese medicine that is used to relieve the stagnation of blood that obstructs surface tissues and inhibits organ functions. The meaning of the first Chinese character “Gua” means to rub or to scrape while the second character “Sha” means a reddish and raised area of the skin. Special therapy oil is applied on the skin first before it is scraped so the client does not feel any pain during the therapy. The strokes are until the Sha appears, resulting in the appearance of red, elevated patches on the treated area. The Sha rashes or bumps should be gone within two to four days. Gua Sha stimulates the immune system, eliminates toxins from the body, restores the body’s ph balance, improves circulation, regulates organ functions, relieves pain, revitalizes Qi, reduces stress and fatigue, and restores emotional harmony and mental clarity.

The cost of this treatment is 35.00

Emotional Balancing
Even if you aren’t up to it, your mind and body are in a constant demand. Sometimes the doctor gives us an upsetting diagnosis, or we experience life changing events, or even just everyday things can cause a large amount of stress and fear that leads to anxiety. Anxiety affects your thinking, health, mood, and just about everything. We can help keep you balanced and alleviate your stress and anxiety thru a variety of different methods including acupuncture and/or herbal medicine.

Nutritional Counseling
Poor diet can have a substantial effect on your health. Stress, poor sleep patterns and a fast paced life style can create poor diet choices. In order to obtain the most ideal levels of health, it’s important that we have a healthy diet, and get the right amount of rest and exercise. The Chinese Nutrional Therapy has been proven successful and powerful for centuries. You will learn healthy menu planning and eating in a healthier way, tools to maximize your energy, ways to help rid illness, and how to love your body and everything about it.

Non Surgical Face Lifts
Most of us are interested in preserving our youthful looks and energy as long as possible. We can heal you from the inside out-to rejuvenate the face by correcting internal body imbalances that are causing your beauty problems. Acupuncture increases the circulation to the face bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the cells to rejuvenate them. With the addition of a proper diet, natural and herbal face products, and a recommendation of herbs, all depending on the patients age and/or physical problems, your wrinkles will begin to soften, giving you a relaxed, vibrant glow.

***Please also see our facial rejuvenation on menu.

Non Surgical Tummy Tuck

Just like our face lifts, non surgical tummy tucks are becoming a frequent choice as a route for patients to eliminate
This is the best toxin eliminator. The detox works by removing heavy metals, partially oxidized fats, unassimilated protein, cholesterol deposits, uric acid, plaque, lactic acid, parasites, and more. A series of treatments provides an efficient and painless way to remove the toxins by generating a mix of positive and negative ions which attach themselves to oppositely charged impurities and eliminate them through the pores of the feet by osmosis. Following a series a treatments, you will have an extraordinary release of toxic material leading to health and increased energy. This unit is specific for fatigue, heavy metal poisoning, mold poisoning, allergies, stress, bruising, stiffness due to lactic acid build up, ADD/ADHD, autism, arthritis, or weight gain.

The meaning of the colors and objects found in the water during the bath:

Yellow-green: detoxifying from the kidney, bladder, urinary tract, female/prostate cancer
Orange: detoxifying from the joints
Brown: detoxifying from liver, tobacco, cellular debris
Black: detoxifying from liver, gallbladder
White Foam: mucous from lymph
White cheese like particles= most likely yeast
Black Flecks: heavy metals
Red Flecks: blood clot material

Detox sessions are $25 each, or 3 for $60.

Lymphatic Drain
The lymphatic system plays a critical role in preventing sickness. It is the body’s primary immune defense and waste eliminator. It contains over 600 lymph nodes. When we have a lymphatic blockage, we become defenseless against attacks by viruses, fungi, and bacterium. Most chronic disease problems occur at the junction of lymph nodes. One can feel lymph nodes by pressing under the arms, just below the collar bone, or in the crease between the thigh and pelvic area. When touching these areas, you might feel small bumps and sometimes pain. These bumps and pain are signs of blocked lymph nodes which indicate a low immune function. The lymphatic detox is one of the fastest, natural, and most efficient ways for eliminating this waste. This machine is very specific for pain, sciatica, breast conditions, cysts, intestinal issues, PMS and cramping, and any conditions involving swelling. It is also used for treatment in chronic illness, and is also highly beneficial in weight loss.

The Megun
The Migun is a thermal massage bed, and provides a full thermal massage from head to toe. It will provide you with total health, relaxation, and balance. It represents the fusion of acupressure, acupuncture, heat therapy, chiropractic, and massage. The bed provides infrared rays that penetrate the surface of the body so that the massage heads compress the autonomic nervous system, and uses heat to stimulate blood flow and tissue response. It also encourages overall muscle relaxation, relieves pain, and releases pollutants trapped in the muscles. Some benefits from the Migun may include; weight loss, reduced chronic pain, lowered blood pressure, better sleep, reduced digestive disorders, reduced stress, improved circulation, detoxification of the body, increased lymphatic flow, and reduced lactic acid.

Take back control of your life. Through hypnosis you can stop smoking, drugs, and/or drinking, and help with weight control.

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