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May 5th we enter Heart Season.  The Heart become the lead organ, taking us into the emotions of joy or better yet the lack of joy!

Most humans do not realize that we are part of nature; however, we are…

Just like the plants and animals, the summer is the time to grow & thrive.  Any projects or ideas we have started will be to grow; hopefully they were good ones! With the body & emotions, Heart (growth) season is the optimum time to help the body get as healthy as possible so you can get thru autumn & winter (resting time) as healthy as possible.


Lack of Joy

Shortness of Breath

Spontaneous Sweating

Emotional Restlessness


Tightness in Chest

Pain in Chest that radiates down arm

Tingling/numbness in extremities

Heart attacks



Feeling feverish in late afternoon


Cold Extremities


If you already experience any of the above symptoms, they most likely will intensify/ flare up this time of year.  It will be a difficult time of year for you.  This issues can be helped! We can nourish this system, give it back what it is lacking while getting rid of your ailments. Contact us for more information. 

Current patients, please make sure you are taking HEART supporting herbal medicines such as our  “Heart Formula” & “Heart Stress or Emotions” if needed & any other necessary HEART fortifying herbs atleast 2 weeks before HEART season begins. 



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