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August 7th we enter LUNG Season.  The Lung becomes the lead organ, taking us into the emotion of grief!

Most humans do not realize that we are part of nature; however, we are…

Lung Season is the season to “harvest what we grow.” During harvest time, we feel the impact on what we grow, with the weeds and other problems crops endure.

We deal with a lot of stress and problems in our lives. Those too are always sprouting and growing, so during Lung Season we will also feel the impact of it’s emotions grief and sorrow, leaving us feeling emotional, and down on ourselves and life.  Our Lungs form energy from air.  They are vital in our immune system and resistance to viruses and bacteria.  They also regulate our sweat glands, and provide moisture to our skin.


**EVERYONE should be taking our Immune System Formula.  This is our “FLU SHOT”





Body Aches

Throat Problems

Spontaneous Sweating


Stuffy Nose

Stuffy sensation in chest

Shortness of Breath

Lethargy or lack of energy



Sinus Issues


Drip in back of throat



If you already experience any of the above symptoms, they most likely will intensify/ flare up this time of year.  It will be a difficult time of year for you.  This issues can be helped! We can nourish this system, give it back what it is lacking while getting rid of your ailments. Contact us for more information. 

Current patients, please make sure you are taking LUNG supporting herbal medicines such as our  “Immune System” & any other necessary LUNG fortifying herbs atleast 2 weeks before LUNG season begins. 



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