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November 8th we enter KIDNEY Season.  The Kidney becomes the lead organ, taking us into the emotion of anxiety.

Most humans do not realize that we are part of nature; however, we are…

The Kidney is our “battery.” It is what keeps us going, our metabolism.  Just like the plants and the animals, we will have the least amount of energy during this time.  The Earth will be covered in a blanket of snow, and we should be resting (like the plants and animals).  Contingent on how well the fields rest, the bear hibernates, and we rest, we will experience a better and healthier Spring.  So take care of yourself! If you feel tired, rest. If you don’t feel like it, don’t.  We have created busy times during the winter season while we should be resting.  Do the best you can.  If you already suffer from anxiety it may feel much worse this time of year as we go thru the winter months. 

**EVERYONE should be taking our Kidney herbs.  



Bone Problems

Teeth Problems

Hair turning White

Hearing problems

Memory problems

Fluid Around the Heart

Lack of Energy

Inhale Problems

Sore back and knees

Urinary Incontinence


Night Sweats


If you already experience any of the above symptoms, they most likely will intensify/ flare up this time of year.  It will be a difficult time of year for you.  This issues can be helped! We can nourish this system, give it back what it is lacking while getting rid of your ailments and symptoms. Contact us for more information. 

Current patients, please make sure you are taking KIDNEY supporting herbal medicines such as our  “Energy” &/or “Anxiety” and any other necessary Kidney fortifying herbs atleast 2 weeks before KIDNEY season begins. 



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