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Facial Rejuventaion

In conjunction with our regular acupuncture treatments we are now offering face lifts, and facial treatments. With these treatments, not only are you addressing health issues in your body, leaving you feelings happier and healthier, you can also expect better nourished skin, fewer wrinkles, reduction of deep lines, a natural skin glow, reduction of brown spots, tighter pores, less sagginess, more elasticity, and brighter younger eyes!

A basic premise of Oriental physiognomy is that “each individual represents a walking history of his or her development. The strengths and weaknesses of our parents, the environment that we were brought up in, and the food that we’ve eaten are all expressed in our present condition.” Observations of facial form and line, and color and skin tone is a very useful tool in diagnostics, and can tell us a lot about a person’s general health.

For example, horizontal lines on the forehead indicate an excess of liquid in the body, possibly due to a diet high in sugars, fats, and liquids. Vertical lines between the eyes can indicate problems with the liver and gall bladder, or a high intake of animal foods or salt. Below the liver area, on either side of the nose, is the area corresponding to the spleen and pancreas. A green color found in this region indicates a problem or imbalance. If a person’s nose is swollen and watery, the heart tissue may be swollen from too much fluid. A hard swelling indicates sinus problems from a diet rich in dairy products. The are under the eyes corresponds to the kidneys, and a watery swelling (or “bags”) indicates the kidneys are overworked and cannot discharge properly. A swelling in this region with a harder appearance indicates a diet rich in fats, with the excess fat being stored in the kidney as fatty deposits, impairing function. If the digestive tract is expanded and flaccid, then the lower lip appears swollen. Dark spots or sores indicate ulceration and stagnation of the digestive tract. The upper lip indicates the health of the stomach and duodenum.

Skin colors each indicate a certain condition in the body. Red can appear as a general coloration, spots, or individual capillaries. The heart is overworked, possibly from a diet of animal food and salt. Veins come to the surface naturally during pregnancy or the menstrual cycle. Brown spots are generally associated with the liver and gall bladder or with high intake of salt or sugar. A yellow coloration is often an indication of abnormality of the pancreas, liver, or gall bladder. Purplish color on the nose can indicate a very expanded heart and high blood pressure. A grayish cast to the skin often accompanies a swollen, hard liver from poor diet; while a “pallor” complexion can indicate weakness in the lungs.

Skin texture is unique to each person, yet can be a strong indicator of imbalances. Rough skin shows a diet high in animal fats. Oily skin can result from eating too much oil or overeating in general. Excess fluid in the skin indicates over consumption of fluids (overburdened kidneys).

Each zone of the face can be used for spotting problems or systemic imbalances. Abnormal colors, textures, lines, or surface eruptions and rashes are early signs of developing problems.

The cost of each facial (cupping) treatment alone is $100. If done with a routine acupuncture treatment the price together for both is $150 (Both can be done at the same time).

The cost of each full face lift (with needles) ranges from $125-$225 depending on treatment.

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