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Reclaim Your Animal’s Health!



If you are unable to make it into our office PHONE & ONLINE CONSULTS are also available (please see below).

For animal lovers seeking an alternative therapy to Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has been successfully practiced on animals for thousands of years, can be the answer.  

After over twenty years of having had constant improvement and/or complete success in treating animals with traditional chinese herbal medicine, we are now offering this service to the public.  The success of this medicine has been proven time and time again.  The clinic has treated rescue animals at HALO, a no kill animal shelter, since its opening.  We have also treated our patients companion animals and others that have needed our help.  

Ailments have ranged from emotional such as anxiety, fear & hyperness to physical problems ranging from simple discomforts such as diarrhea & skin issues to crushed bones, masses & organ shut down.  

    The following is a partial list of ailments treated:  


               Joint Problems                                

               Behavior Problems            

               Hip Dysplasia    

               Cardiovascular Problems                  

               Respiratory Problems            

               Cancer Support                              

               Urinary Tract Problems                    

               Ear/Eye/Mouth Problems


              Gastrointestinal Disorders                

              Immune Deficiency

We will provide a personalized herbal plan for your animal.  A treatment will be created with the understanding that the whole body has been affected rather than just a single system or organ.  Equal importance will be given to the body, mind & spirit.  

            Make 2014 a healthy year for your best friend and call for an appointment! 

            Treatment Costs: Herbal Consult $30, Acupressure Treatment $30, Reiki Healing $30

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Holistic Wellness: What to Expect
A consult will include the examination and Chinese medicine diagnosis of the animal. All aspects of the animals health will be considered- physical and emotional. At this time, we will focus on your animal’s life style; such things as breed, medical history, diet, and any emotional traumas that your animal has been exposed to. We will come up with a personalized herbal and physical plan with the goal of allowing your animals to become healthier & happier!

This treatment has been used with great success on animals for thousands of years. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that chi, the vital force that flows throughout the body along the energy channels called meridians, can be disrupted causing physical & emotional problems. Acupressure treatments elicit responses, which will regulate the body’s energy system.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine
The use of specific herbs & plants for medicinal purposes has been practiced throughout the world for thousands of years. Each herb or plants contains healing powers that are capable of balancing the emotional, mental & physical well being of animals. TCM combines these herbs & plants to specific formulas for your animals needs. It recognizes the whole body approach to health & disease.

Reiki is a simple, safe & natural way of healing; a technique based on the principle that you can channel energy into the animal, by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the animal’s body & restore physical and emotional well being. It promotes healing & has been effective in helping virtually every known ailment. It treats the whole animal; body, emotions, mind & spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation & feelings of peace, security & well being.


If your schedule does not allow for you to make it to our office we also offer phone and online consults.  You may contact our us by phone, 7725898931, or by email .
.  The process will work exactly the same as described above.  Based on the information you provide our Chinese Medicine Doctor assess your animal’s particular disharmonies, problems/concerns (physical and emotional).  From there we will then formulate a specific healing herbal formula for your animal with the goal of a total body well being resulting in an ailment free life, naturally.  You will then have a follow up opportunity two weeks later to track your animals progress or concerns.  You are free to call with questions anytime throughout this process.

The cost for initial consult by phone or email, evaluation, and one follow up is $50.

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