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Here are some of the paw stories of animals we have helped with Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.
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Say hello to Tank, a two year old Griffon mix returned to the shelter for biting and neuratic behavior. Apart from biting, he would crawl and hide and get possessive over small spaces. His hair was brittle and dry and he was deathly afraid of water. After two months of treating his liver and helping the kidney, his coat is shiny, the aggressive behavior is gone, and he no longer looks to hide. On the contrary, he is a happy boy and a pleasure to be around!

Meet Magik a one year old Saint Bernard.
Magik was diagnoses at a very early age with his pancreas not working and hip dysplasia. His prognosis was poor since he could not absorb nutrients in his food due to the pancreas and he was going to starve to death. This caused the food he ate to pass right thru him into projectile diarrhea. With herbs and acupuncture, his pancreas began functioning properly. He digests and gets full nutrition from his food. He is finally able to run and keep up with other dogs.
At present, he is a healthy happy boy who loves his food, cookies, and play time. The hips will be a constant awareness and he will remain on herbs. Western medicine might have bought him alittle time, however it is believed greatly that without the Chinese Herbal Medicine he would have been put down by now. Today, he lives in the moment and loves every minute of it!

Meet Karma, a 2 year old Newfoundland female. If Karma had been a child, she would have been diagnosed as high attention deficit bordering on aggressive. She would incessantly jump on people and bite their arms, break chins, noses, whatever got in the way. Constantly pacing and behavior totally unpredictable regardless of extreme amounts of obedience training. It took concentrated effort and time with the daily use of Chinese Herbal formulas she is now a happy and healthy dog. In fact, she is such a joy that a dog behaviorist uses her to help balance his clients. From total chaos to a perfect balance!

Meet the 3 babies…. Mother was surrendered pregnant to the shelter. She delivered what we thought were nine healthy puppies. The mother became so aggressive that the puppies had to be removed and hand fed. On the third day, one by one they started dieing. Western medicine did the normal protocol…worms… formula..etc… It was finally decided the mother had herpes which had been tragically given to the puppies and a death sentence- since nothing could be done. By this time only 3 were left. Since we had nothing to loose, they were put on the Traditional Chinese medicine herpes treatment, and as the picture shows..they made it! They are also full of life and looking forward to having long, healthy lives!

Say hello to Mr. Bentley an eight year old French Mastiff. He layed on an ant bed and got so many ant bites his tail became necroptic and had to be amputated. Since the tail was so wide, the vets wanted to also remove his last vertebrae because they did not believe that the skin and muscle tissue could ever close such a huge gap. Removing the vertebrae could have had serious side effects. We opted to just have the tail removed and have the large hole. With daily acupuncture treatments for two months, both the muscle and skin tissue grew to fill the gap to where there was hardly a scare. Today he continues to win everyone over with his sweetness!

This is Minnie Mouse weighing in at 3 lbs. She was adopted out at eight weeks old and returned a couple days later. She had 8-10 seizures a day. She was taken to the vet and the usual tests were performed with no success. The next step would have been thousands of dollars in neurological diagnostic testing. It took 2 weeks on Chinese Herbal Medicines and the seizures went from 8-10 a day to 2. In a months time they have completely stopped. She is now healthy, happy and very controlling nine month old also know as “Minnie Ninja” but that’s a story for another day!


Meet Kathy- a stray found in Miami.  She came to the shelter with internal parasites, severe skin infection compounded by mange, has tested positive for heartworm, and is severely anemic.  After a week on herbs,  her iron level has improved, and some hair is beginning to grow.  Even though she has a ways to go- she is definitely a happy pooch on the right track!  Will keep posted with updates.

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